Thursday, October 18, 2007

Where do you get your daily dose of Internet Culture?

Today we are going to look at three video blogs that are always chock full of internet goodness. The internet is a constantly changing beast and you HAVE to keep up with what is the latest “thing”. So, how does one go about doing this? Today we will look at three video sites that will keep you hip, current and informed.

Site #1-
If you have not heard about Rocketboom and you watch internet video, then you must have been living under a rock. Or, you are new to this whole “internet video” thing. Rocketboom is one of the oldest and most influential sites in the vlogosphere. Rocketboom started in 2005 and has been an innovator from the start. They were one of the first sites to do RSS video enclosures and also to serve up their daily content in multiple formats. Rocketboom is still pushing the envelope of video by now producing a HD version of their daily show. Rocketboom is hosted by Joanne Colan, and produced by Andrew Baron.

What you will see… You never know what you will see on Rocketboom. Sometimes they have a show full on the weird stuff you can find on the internet. Sometimes it is gadgets, funny sites, or whatnot. Sometimes they have a whole show dedicated to one subject. Everything from Rebels in Africa to field reports from Steve Garfield. The episode I watched today was a report from Steve interviewing the folks behind the GM Volt Car. Pretty straight forward until the crazy lady bum rushed the camera and started heckling the spokesman. Funny stuff. I like Rocketboom because they usually bring you stories you have not heard in other places. If you are looking for daily internet video, Rocketboom is a good place to start.

Site #2
Webb Alert is a newish show, but already I have found it to be very good and informative. The show is hosted by Morgan Webb, and I have been quite impressed at what a geek she is. It is very obvious that Morgan knows here stuff and keeps up to date on all the tech news. Yes, this show is mostly about what is going on in the tech world of the internet. Morgan has a “real” job as a tech reporter, and does the Webb Alert on the side at her house. This show is pretty slick, and filmed in front of a green screen, so you get all kinds of cool news like effect.

Morgan mostly reports on things that you have already heard about if you follow the tech news. She gets most of her information from sites like, and the likes. If you are looking for a great tech roundup delivered by a true pro, then Webb Alert is a show you should watch every week. Webb Alert is not daily, but usually about 3-4 times a week.

Site#3 is the newest kid on the block, even though they invented the genre of “Weird internet crap”. I am not sure what took them so long to join the party, but boy, I am glad they came. is the video version of the site, which is a directory of “Wonderfull Things” and one of the most popular blogs on the internet. Boing is the go-to site for cool things on the internet. The things that you find on boing boing are new and obscure, and they never copy content from the other “popular” blogs. On the contrary, all the “popular blogs” always rip off stuff they saw on boing boing. will keep you up to date on what is cool and hip, be it the latest LOLCats reference, or introduce you to the “Unicorn Chaser”. If you are looking for one video blog to watch out of the above mentioned ones, is the one for you.

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