Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Joost Show to Watch: Worlds Apart - Birmingham Meets Ghana

So, you are looking for a good show to watch on Joost, since they have like a ton of shows, and it is a bit overwhelming.

One reality show that I have found that I like is the National Geographic show, Worlds Apart. I especially enjoyed the episode Worlds Apart: Birmingham Meets Ghana. The description from the site is "An Alabama family is transplanted from a comfortable southern home to a mud and stick compound." Don't let that fool you, this show is great! It is produced by National Geographic, and while some may morn their descent into the hell that is reality TV, the very fact that it is produced by National Geographic, makes it watchable. This episode is the first one I stumbled on, and was very entertaining. When I watch shows, I like to be entertained. I think you will too, so go and check out Worlds Apart: Birmingham Meets Ghana. What do you have to loose? I mean it is the internet, if you don't like it you just click away.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Where to get your fix.

Just a quick post. There are other sites that are showing's content that aren't These sites are great for all you folks that want to watch some really great network TV, but did not get a invite. Check these sites...

Oh, do you live outside the United State and want to check out You can read this article from TechCrunch on how to do just that.