Tuesday, October 2, 2007

What I watched 10-2-07

Today I was on the bus, so I watched my Sansa. I watched…

1) Brick Films THAC 2007: Storyline Buildup

2) Bleeding Edge TV 186: A Look at HP’s New iPaq Line

3) Out On the Stoop Ethics of Reviewing Restaurants - A Discussion

4) Mike Moon Drivin' (Remake)

5) Rocketboom Monday October 1, 2007 : Japan, iPhones, MIT, Rainbows & Iran

6) Wallstrip 10-1-07 Guess the Stock Price Contest WINNER!

7) Webb Alert October 1, 2007

Last night we TRIED to watch Heroes for the 3rd, er, 4th time. It is official. The NBC 24|7 site sucks for folks with a slow connection ( 1 mbps). This is a bummer, because there is many great shows there. Basically, the streaming technology pauses for one second after 5 seconds of video. I thought if I pressed pause, it might let the video download a bit so it would not pause. However, this is not the case. You press pause and the player stops downloading. Last season, the NBC player worked great! This season… It sucks. Come on guys! Don’t make me limewire it.

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