Sunday, October 21, 2007

The GigaOm Show.

The GigaOm Show is another somewhat new show that focuses on the tech industry in Silicon Valley. The GigaOm show is hosed by Om Malik and Joyce Kim and is a weekly video cast. I like the show because it is a little bit longer than the standard 5 minutes, so they have a chance to go into their subject in a bit more depth. The show is very interesting, as you get a look into the " start- up culture" of Silicon Valley. The start-up scene is it's own little drama, just like TV, so it is always fun to keep up on the latest goings on. The GigaOm show makes it seem that everyone is making money and it would be easy for YOU to get funding for your startup. At least that is what it seems. I am sure the reality is much different, but one can always dream.

I have noticed in the latest show that they have increased the font size of the GigaBytes blurbs found in the show. This is good, since I watch the show on my Sandisk Sansa player and the screen is a bit small and it was hard for me to read the itty bitty type. Let's hope they keep this trend, because I always do wonder what exactly they say on the GigaBytes.

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