Friday, November 30, 2007

Joost Show to Watch: Aqua Teen Hunger Force

It always surprises me how many people are not familiar with this totally hilarious Adult Swim TV show. Aqua Teen Hunger Force is about a Shake, Frys and Meat paddy that are supposed to be private detectives. Of course the whole private detective thing was dropped very early in the show and now it is just bizarre adventures that they have. This show can be a bit crass, but all in all, I think it is very clever. This is a show that you have to watch a couple of times before you really start to find it funny. The Mooninites and Carl are really great side characters, so make sure you watch the show until you see them.

For those that still are not familiar with the show, remember the bomb scare in Boston that was created by characters for a TV show drawn in a home made light bright? Well, the characters were the Mooninites.

Anyway, if you are looking for something new, or if you are already an Aqua Teen Hunger Force fan, check them out on Joost.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Better Bad New

Better Bad News is a video podcast that is produced every couple of weeks. It seems that this show is produced out of UC Berkeley, and is a very unique, “inside joke” kind of show. The more you are tuned into various internet stories, the more you will like this show. Whether it is controversy within the YouTube users or the conspiracy of 9-11, there is always a strong point of view that the producers manage to get across. One of the more clever episodes on 9-11 can be found here.

I have been watching BBN for over a year now, and they have kept the same characters. I am not sure who these people are, but they do a pretty good job. There are four main “characters” that all have their different opinions. The show’s main character is a “News Anchor” who is very believable and does a great job reading his lines. It also has a “panel of experts” that always has something interesting to say. The show is produced with many quick and short cuts. These cuts usually depict the “panel of experts” with different opinions, but when they are all spliced together and edited always makes a very interesting point. Better Bad News does a great job of exposing the hypocrisies that you find in today’s major news stories.

If you are looking for something a bit different, that is well written and will make you think, I suggest you check out Better Bad News. "Half true more or less 100% of the time"

Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's Jerry Time

I have been watching It's Jerry Time for about a year now and I really enjoy it. The show is consistently funny, that is if you like that kind of humor. What kind of humor? The "A Funny Thing Happened To Me Once" humor. I don't know who Jerry is, or what kind of background he has or if he is a professional funnyman, or whatnot. It's Jerry Time is created in a very cool animation style that looks like it takes quite a while to create. Who creates the animation, I don't know. Maybe Jerry does it himself, or maybe he has a team of animators working around the clock. I don't really know. What I do know about Jerry is that he is a bad roomate, sometimes has communication problems, and used to live in a town where a turkey ran wild.

Jerry's show is really funny, but it just does not come out that often. I suggest that you subscribe to the RSS feed so you are alerted when each new episode comes out.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Show to Watch: The Elegant Universe.

If you are looking for a very interesting and amazing show to watch on the internet, then the PBS show “The Elegant Universe” is a must see. This is actually more than just an hour show, but more of a three hour mini-series. The Elegant Universe is all about the latest theories on Physics. Wow, talk about a mind bender! This show simply and concisely explains the most way-out, cutting edge theories in a easy to digest format. This show will keep you riveted from start to end.

How does it look on the TV? PBS, while I applaud you for putting the whole series on the internet, I was a bit disappointed that I could only watch it on the teeny-tiny video screen viewer. Luckily, I have Windows XP “Media Edition” installed on the ol Dell and the Media Edition handles that problem well. What does it do? Somehow it automatically makes the video full screen on the TV. The video stays small on the computer screen, but on the regular TV it is all the way big.

So, next time you are looking for something to watch that will blow your mind, head on over to PBS Nova and watch “The Elegant Universe”. You will not be disappointed!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The IT Room advertising blitz finally snags me.

I don’t know if you have noticed, but the “The IT Room” has been advertising on all your favorite video blogs, and everywhere else on the internet. I have wanted to check it out, whenever I see the ads on video podcasts, but I always forget to “look it up” and subscribe. The monkey tells me I “got to subscribe dude”, but I always forget. This however changed today as I saw an ad for the IT Room on a RSS feed. I was able to click on the ad and I was able to subscribe lickety split! I will have to start to download it and check it out. Anyway, congratulations to the folks at the IT Room as your have successfully pounded you show into my conscious brain. I hope the show lives up to the hype.

Mahalo Daily

A new video podcast has launched this week. Mahalo Daily. is the new “Human Powered” search engine from Jason Calacanis. So the question is “Do we really need another show about Internet Culture?”. The answer is yes! I feel there is lots of room for more video shows about all the weird crap that you can find on the internet. Especially now that Rocketboom has “moved on” and doing their own content. We need more internet culture podcasts as long as each video podcast reports on things that the other video podcasts aren’t reporting. So far it seems that Mahalo Daily is doing just that and not just copying the same info you can find on any of the popular blogs. The best thing about Mahalo Daily is the intro. Without a doubt Mahalo Daily has the best intro of any show. The animation is killer and I love the Hawaiian music. I also like the fact that the show is embeded in the RSS feed so you can download it to your portable device. I actually left a comment on Jason's blog and asked if he could do that. I guess he listened!

If you are looking for something new to check out, I would recommend Mahalo Daily, as it seems to be pretty slick.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Joost Show to Watch: What's Happining

I found a great show that is now available on Joost. What's Happining. I watched the "Sunday Father" episode. It has been a mighty long time since I have seen a episode of What's Happening, but I see the show is still pretty good. Boy, you kids have it easy these days to learn about that 70's TV culture. What's Happening has some cheesy lines, but they are still pretty funny. Dee really gives some zingers. If you are looking for a good show to check out on Joost, then I totally recommend What's Happining.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Jetset show becomes Epic-FU

I have been watching the JetSet Show for quite a while now. Zadi Diaz and Steve Wolf put on a weekly internet culture show aimed at teens. The weekly show is always full of interesting tidbits that you usually don't see in other places. I would recommend you subscribing to JetSet show.

However, now they are not the Jetset Show any more. Now and forever more they shall be called Epic-FU. Please make a note of it.