Friday, November 30, 2007

Joost Show to Watch: Aqua Teen Hunger Force

It always surprises me how many people are not familiar with this totally hilarious Adult Swim TV show. Aqua Teen Hunger Force is about a Shake, Frys and Meat paddy that are supposed to be private detectives. Of course the whole private detective thing was dropped very early in the show and now it is just bizarre adventures that they have. This show can be a bit crass, but all in all, I think it is very clever. This is a show that you have to watch a couple of times before you really start to find it funny. The Mooninites and Carl are really great side characters, so make sure you watch the show until you see them.

For those that still are not familiar with the show, remember the bomb scare in Boston that was created by characters for a TV show drawn in a home made light bright? Well, the characters were the Mooninites.

Anyway, if you are looking for something new, or if you are already an Aqua Teen Hunger Force fan, check them out on Joost.

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