Thursday, November 29, 2007

Better Bad New

Better Bad News is a video podcast that is produced every couple of weeks. It seems that this show is produced out of UC Berkeley, and is a very unique, “inside joke” kind of show. The more you are tuned into various internet stories, the more you will like this show. Whether it is controversy within the YouTube users or the conspiracy of 9-11, there is always a strong point of view that the producers manage to get across. One of the more clever episodes on 9-11 can be found here.

I have been watching BBN for over a year now, and they have kept the same characters. I am not sure who these people are, but they do a pretty good job. There are four main “characters” that all have their different opinions. The show’s main character is a “News Anchor” who is very believable and does a great job reading his lines. It also has a “panel of experts” that always has something interesting to say. The show is produced with many quick and short cuts. These cuts usually depict the “panel of experts” with different opinions, but when they are all spliced together and edited always makes a very interesting point. Better Bad News does a great job of exposing the hypocrisies that you find in today’s major news stories.

If you are looking for something a bit different, that is well written and will make you think, I suggest you check out Better Bad News. "Half true more or less 100% of the time"

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