Thursday, September 27, 2007

What I watched 9-26-07

As usual, I watched my Sansa on the bus today. I watched...

1) Ask A Ninja, Question 54 "Vakilltions"

2)bicycle-sidewalk 301st Post - Kurume, Interview, Japan, Yatai, Ramen, Etc…

3)Rosie O'Donnel's vlog a talky

4)Rosie O'Donnel's vlog painting

5)Webb Alert September 26, 2007

6)Groove TV - The Om Trio I love the Om Trio, too bad they broke up. This video was shot at Moe's Alley, a place I have been many times.

Last night we tried to watch Heroes, but the pipes were clogged. Our internet connection is only 1MBPS, so sometime the shows pause... That happened last night and it was a bummer.

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