Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What I watched 9-25-07

Today I was on the bus, so I watched my Sansa. I watched…

1) Bicycle Sidewalk – 300th Post! - Japan, Kurume, Fukuoka, Tats, Flying Machine, Sun, Taiwan, Make-up, Moments

2) Geek Entertainment TV - Million Booze March

3) Jetset show - href="http://jetsetshow.com/2007/09/halo_3_mania_tasering_rfid_wir.html">halo 3 mania, tasering, rfid, wired nextfest

4) Rocketboom Casual Friday September 21, 2007 : One Web Day

5) Vlog Soup - Survivor Behind the Scenes with Jeff Probst

6) Vlog Soup - Arin Crumley, Four Eyed Monsters

7) Test Drive Girl - NEW TEST DRIVE GIRL? Take a Look

8) Tiny Nibbles – Violet Blue my brush with the tyra banks show

9) Wallstrip 9-24-07 Logitech International SA (LOGI)

10) Webb Alert September 24, 2007

Out of the above shows, I thought that Violet’s(NSFW) vlog was very entertaining, and I would recommend it to anyone that wants the behind the scenes scoop on Hollywood.

Last night we watched part two of Rx For Survival. It was a PBS show narrated by Brad Pitt. I guess he is all about helping out the poor countries now.

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