Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What I watched 9-26-07

Today I was on the bus, so I watched my Sansa. I watched…

1) Jetset Show halo 3 launch party: where are the girl gamers?

2) Jetset Show halo 3 launch party: interview with halo game producer

3) Jetset Show halo 3 launch party: fan, pros, n00bs, (zac efron?)

4) Ryan Is Hungry Santa Clara University Students Compete in the Solar Decathlon

5) Ryan Is Hungry Vermicomposting: Born Again Worm Bin

6) Ryan Is Hungry Burning Man: DIY Energy Makers

7) Webb Alert September 26, 2007

Last night we watched more of Netflix “Watch Now”. We tried to watch the season premier of Heroes, but the site was a bit buggy and the video could not be found. It is working now, so we will watch that later tonight.

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