Thursday, December 13, 2007

NBC gets new player (s)

It looks like NBC has upgraded its 24|7 player and added download capabilities. We decided to catch up on Heroes since the season is now over and I thought I would check out NBC to see how the viewing experience was. My loyal readers will know that usually Heroes is watched via Netflix Watch Instantly, but this time I decided to try the NBC 24|7 site. Well, the NBC site has changed and the streaming video quality is really great! It also seems that it streams better on our slow-ass DSL connection, so that was really nice. However, we did still have problems viewing it, as it would pause and then jump back to the beginning, which was very annoying.

I also checked out the new download service. You can download specific shows to your computer and then play them back on the special NBC player. The shows only play on the NBC player and they obviously have DRM built in. I tried to convert the file into something I could watch on my Sansa, but no luck. Also, I never did see the show I downloaded, as it only sticks around for 48 hours and I was not quick enough and now the show is gone. Now I see why everyone hates DRM.

In conclusion, NBC 24|7 is better, but it still sucks and the download service just pisses me off. Hey, at least it is progress. I am sure they will get it right soon.

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