Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Commercials done right:

I have always had a love/hate relation with commercials on the TV. Back in the day, I liked commercials. I felt that they were always a peek into “The Next Newest Thing”, since they were able to be filmed and broadcast fairly quickly. I was also a fan of the “viral” commercials from those days and still quote some of the lines 20 years later. Of course we all know “Where’s the Beef”, but do you remember such gems as “Don’t take the car, you killlll youselllff!”, or “That’s OK kid, I never could say Chevrolet”.

Now that all the web based shows have commercials, I still have this love/hate relationship with them mostly boarding on the hate. I love the fact that there is just one commercial every “break” instead of like five for regular TV. The thing I hate about these commercials is that they take f-o-r-e-v-e-r to load. A 30 second commercial sometime takes a minute to load on my slow connection. All the while it is stuttering, and spurting and very annoying. It seemed that the advertisers just did not “get it” and have made the web commercials too slick and download heavy. Of course, since the same stupid commercial is played every break, by the second and third views, it is downloaded and actually plays fast, but that first time… Aaaaarrrrrgggghhh!

This all changed yesterday when I saw a bunch of different commercial for These were killer! They were made with flash animation and loaded super quick. No stuttering, or skipping. Not only that, but the animation was really killer. I want to see a whole show based on the main character! Yes, the commercial had nothing to do with car insurance, but who cares! It was kick-ass and loaded fast. The best part for the advertisers is that I actually I remembered the company, and that is all that really matters


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding!? Do a quick google search for people's opinions on esurance commercials; they have to be among the most despise, hated and reviled advertisements ever created! Every single person involved in the creation of the Esurance commercials should be sent into exile!

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