Tuesday, March 4, 2008

LOST in streaming HD

I am a huge fan of the televison show LOST. As a matter of fact, it is this show that got me started on the whole "Watch internet shows on my TV". We had rented season 1 and watched it and then, as soon as season 2 came out on DVD we watched that. Season 3 had just started it's regular run on TV, but we had no cable, or rabbit ears to watch it with. Then I discovered it was available on the ABC.com site and we could watch it there. That is when I figured out how to hook up the TV to the computer and the rest is history.

LOST has not only inspired me to watch the computer through the TV, but now, it has inspired me to go to the next level. High-speed internet. I recently signed up for Comcast high speed internet and have been lovin it! No more jerky playback! Also, now I get to watch LOST in streaming HD.

So, if for some reason, you have not seen LOST yet, here is your chance as all the episodes are posted at ABC.com. Go check it out!

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